Stepdancing Events

Stepdance Competition and Workshops
36th Dartmoor Folk Festival:  9-11th August 2013

The Dartmoor Stepdance Competition will be held on Saturday 10th August 2013 at South Zeal, Nr Okehampton, Devon. The first round will be at 2pm-ish in the field. You will need to register to take part in the stepdance competition, which you can do at the pavilion in the field. There is no charge to enter the step dance competition although you will need to pay to enter the festival. The children’s stepdance competition is first.

There will be a step dance workshop at 10am on Saturday 10th August in the Victory Hall at South Zeal focussing on the steps taught by Bobb Cann. This is followed by a children’s step dance workshop in the school.

On Sunday 11th August at 10am in the school there will be a workshop of more advanced steps.

Please wear hard soled shoes to stepdance workshops if possible – we want to hear the beats! Neither tap shoes nor clogs are allowed in the step dance competition, however hob nailed boots are. ;o)

Please visit regularly to see events. A sign up box for automatic notifications will follow soon.


If you would like a step dancer to do a step dance workshop with your group please mail or or call 07971148531.

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