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Thomas White playing for step dancing 2010

Thomas White playing for step dancing 2010

This year’s Dartmoor Folk Festival was a huge success, especially for dancing! There were 4 workshops, a beginners workshop on the set of steps Bob Cann taught on the Saturday morning, a ‘Twiddly Bits’ workshop on the Sunday morning, a children’s step dance workshop, and special guests Jo and Simon Harmer taught a fantastic workshop on South Coast Stepping on the Sunday as well.

Of course there were also the stepdancing competitions for both children and adults. The children’s competition requires the children to do 2 rounds of setting and stepping and there was a very high standard this year. In the adult competition there are 3 rounds. In each round each person dances a set and a step, which have to be different in each round. The first 2 rounds are held in the marquee (as are the children’s rounds). For the 3rd round the dancers are reduced to between 5-8 people and the 3rd round takes place in the arena on an old wagon, which is what the competitions were held on in years gone by.

It is an interesting experience dancing on the wagon. The board is only 15″ square, it has a varnished surface which can be a bit sloppy, when you are dancing the wagon bounces up and down a bit and sometimes the board moves sideways under this motion! I have had some hairy moments up there! If a foot comes off the board it is an instant disqualification …

To see the 3rd round of the 20012 competition go to the competitions page where there is a video.

Happy stepping!
Lisa ;o)





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