Stepdance Links

Here are some interesting links to Devon, UK and other stepdance traditions.

Dartmoor Folk Festival takes place in the North Dartmoor village of South Zeal in August each year. 

Jason Rice step dancing at the Tiverton Festival’s West Country Wit and Wisdom Concert in 2010.
Rob Murch is playing the Banjo. This is Dartmoor step dancing and Jason Won the step dancing competition at the Dartmoor Folk Festival this year.

Jason Rice recording Stepdance over Devon Song.
Jason Rice recording some step dancing over a well known Devon song!

Tommy Orchard stepdancing at the Dartmoor Folk Festival 2007.
Tommy is from a Devon traveller family and is reknowned for his stepping. The tunes are Scan Tester stepdance tunes from Sussex. Gwilym Davies playing melodeon.


EAMT Stepdancing – Percy West
Percy West Step Dancing at the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust Day at Stowmarket, Suffolk Sept 2010. – Melodeon played by Katie Howson.

Percy West  - The Legend
Norfolk step dancing – old footage. 

EAMT Stepdancing – Lenny Whiting
Lenny Whiting stepdancing at East Anglian Traditional Music Trust Folk Day, Stowmarket Suffolk – Sept 2010

EATMT 2011 Step Dance Competition Winner
This is the “surprise” winner of the Steve Monk Memorial Competition at the EATMT Step Dance day which was held at The Swan in Worlingworth, Suffolk on Sunday 10th July 2011

Simon Ritchie Playing and Dancing Simon is playing a Dartmoor tune and dancing at the same time at the step dance day in Suffolk in 2010 

Blaxhall Stepdancing Competition Not able to see much of the feet here but beats are clear. 

Leo Stepdancing A very good gypsy step dancer with many more steps up his sleeve.

Leo Dancing at the Milton Gypsy Festival The first ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Festival’ at Milton Country Park, Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month, 14th June 2010. See 3:45 for a great dance from Leo who dances to some mouth music.

Gypsy Stepdancer Mo Mo dancing at the step dance day in Suffolk in 2010.

Melodeons and More 2011 Stepdancing Unknown Suffolk (?) lady step dancer.

Gypsy Fair : Appleby Fair See 29:40 for a short reference to step dancing and short clip.

Gypsy Singing and Dancing Here is Leo again, this time singing, at the end there is a brief bit of stepdancing

Step Dance Extravaganza – Cape Breton Features 9 step dancers, 5 reels & a strathspey. Live in Cape Breton with Natalie MacMaster playing.

Irish Stepdancing from 1963 As an interesting comparison … John Cullinane, from County Cork step dancing the Liverpool Hornpipe; Seán O Cearbhaill from Limerick on the fiddle & looking on are the members of the Tulla Céili Band.

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